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Intercreditor Agreement (ICA) is a vital document in the field of finance and banking. It is an agreement between two or more lenders or creditors of a borrower, which sets out the relative rights and obligations of these lenders or creditors. The ICA establishes the order in which they will be paid in the event of a default by the borrower.

UPSC or Union Public Service Commission is a renowned Government authority in India, which is responsible for conducting various examinations and recruitment processes for prestigious Government jobs.

Intercreditor Agreement UPSC in Hindi is the study of the ICA and its importance in the UPSC examination. The UPSC aspirants need to know the significance of the ICA in the finance and banking sector, as it is a crucial topic in the examination.

The ICA is essential because it provides clarity on issues like the priority of payment, sharing of securities, and other terms and conditions related to the lending process. An ICA helps to avoid conflicts between creditors in cases of defaults or insolvency by setting out the framework for decision-making and dispute resolution.

It also plays a vital role in supporting the growth of the Indian economy. With the help of ICA, the lenders can provide more substantial loans to borrowers, as it minimizes their risk and enhances their confidence in the lending business.

In conclusion, the study of Intercreditor Agreement UPSC in Hindi is essential for the candidates appearing for the UPSC examination, particularly in the field of finance and banking. It helps them to understand the concept and significance of ICA, which can prove very useful in their career as a Finance professional.